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Despite what you may have heard, wall coverings are not just for walls anymore. Designers continue to find new creative ways to leverage these stylishly versatile décor elements.

From offices to restaurants, hotels to bars, retail spaces to—yes—even at home, wall coverings can add natural color, texture and depth to vertical surfaces in virtually any setting.

Here, we take a look at just a few of the innovative spaces where we continue to see today’s top designers using wall coverings.

Reception Desk Facings

Reception is all about first impressions. You want your guests to be wowed when they walk in the door and put at ease when they walk up to reception. Natural wood wall coverings allow you to do just that. Rich hues and textures comprise a welcoming backdrop infused with organic beauty to make any new or returning guest comfortable.

Beyond first impressions, a reception desk is the perfect setting for an artful expression of your company’s brand personality. The versatility of wall coverings enables you to do that and more. Select from any number of intricate textures and patterns to perfectly convey the distinct character of your brand alongside signage and carefully crafted color schemes. Wall coverings have a unique capacity to convey style, depth, and comfort in a single, breathtaking façade.

Restaurant Bar Facings

If reception is about first impressions, the restaurant bar is all about a meticulously crafted ambiance styled for relaxation and revelry. It’s the perfect place for a concentrated display of personality and panache. The right wall covering will add warmth and texture to this intimate setting, ensuring your guests feel right at home.

Natural wall coverings allow you to work with ambient lighting, leveraging depth, angles, and shades for a powerful aesthetic effect. There’s no shortage of inherent design elements to work with when designing a bar; an intricate, natural wood wall covering is the ideal complement to a dazzling bottle display.

Conference Room Feature Walls

When designing working spaces, the goal is to craft an atmosphere that contributes to your employees and clients feeling confident, comfortable and productive. Designers have long understood that natural elements influence productivity and well-being in communal workspaces like conference rooms.

Wall coverings are a great way to infuse nature and design into such spaces, creating a carefully crafted ambiance conducive to cooperative efforts. As mentioned above, the right wall covering is also a powerful branding statement. It can effectively convey brand personality and positioning without saying a word.


The focal point of any well-designed master bedroom, headboards are an ideal space for the dramatic aesthetics of wall coverings. They provide a rich, warm backdrop for your carefully considered design combinations of pillows, throws, sheets and comforters.

Wall coverings create an enveloping, intimate ambiance for the most personal of spaces, the bedroom. Your bed is where you spend no less than a third of your life, after all. It’s well worth it to make it a stylishly luxurious environment.

Door Fronts (Indoors)

Door fronts are a great place for adding unexpected and creative accents to a room. The versatility of wall coverings means that they can easily be installed on most residential and commercial doors.

Whether single or double, the movement of doors only adds to depth and texture of wall coverings, letting you further leverage shadow and light for your design purposes.

Storage & Cabinet Facings

Who said utilitarian spaces had to be drab and uninspired? Storage and cabinet facings can be expertly leveraged as design canvasses in many spaces.

The versatility of wall coverings makes them perfect for these smaller door fronts, allowing you to add rich, naturally inspired depth and texture to areas like kitchens and bedrooms.

Smart, stylish and versatile, wall coverings are dynamic design elements that can be utilized in a vast array of vertical spaces. With the right preparation and the proper adhesive, they can be installed almost anywhere as well, including drywall, wood, metal, tile, brick and cement block.

At DuChâteau, our award-winning wall coverings are infused with the beauty of nature and expertly incorporate depth, texture, and color. We strive to deliver cutting-edge interior design products that push the limits of innovation.

Contact us today to learn more about our many wall covering styles, colors, and textures. 1.888.382.4283

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