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We created Society DUCHATEAU to show interior designers what it means to work with us through a few specific benefits. 

(It means a lot to us to be included in your creative vision, so we want to support you and your business.)

Working with the design community is what continues to make the business so special, so we want to give extra support to your work. By joining our society, you will receive the following:

  1. Project features.
  2. First look at new products.
  3. Design Firm featured on our A&D Map & Directory.
  4. Special product offers.


Society DUCHATEAU is for designers, architects, and builders like yourself. We want to give voice to the unique and beautiful spaces we become part of. When you share the professionally shot photos of your project it enables us to showcase your work on DUCHATEAU’s social platforms and website, so that you receive a wider audience for your great work. We want to celebrate your business, you are DUCHATEAU’s most valuable business partner.


Collaborate directly with us in designing homes and multi-unit projects using our products. Get resources and support in the design process and earn compensation on your sales. For more information and to apply, click below.

Our Trade Parter Program is open to designers and trade professionals working with us near our San Diego Showroom.


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Lori Paranjape


Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors is a luxury, full-service interior design firm with a reputation for excellence in customer experience. Lori Paranjape’s eponymous firm started in 2008 and is based in Nashville, but her projects span North America with projects from coast to coast. Her enviable client list consists of young entrepreneurs, professional athletes and country music royalty.   Her work has been featured in Luxe Magazine, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, People Magazine and many more.


House Seven Design + Build

Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design + Build blends vintage with modern. The Indianapolis-based designer’s approach embodies her love of antiques with modern furnishings. A full-service, luxury design studio, their team is passionate about designing for both beauty and function.


Styled By Casanova

Nadia Casanova turned her authenticity and passion for design into a lifestyle influencer brand with a loyal following on several platforms. “I can credit my father and my aunt for the inspiration. My dad found joy as a general contractor, and I adopted his work ethic and passion for the craft.”


KG Designs

Kristin Glandon of KG Designs is an Interior Designer and Landscape Architect based in the Pacific Northwest. Her mission is simple—to create beautiful spaces for people to live in. “I want to help people bring their ideas to life in an elevated and tangible way.”


Sarah solis design studio

Sarah Solis, Founder and Principal of Sarah Solis Design Studio, believes that beautiful design is comfortable and personal, and that our environments should reflect the kind of lives we want to lead. Creating thoughtful spaces that invite familiarity and emotion, the essence of Sarah’s designs are rooted in Wabi-Sabi — the Japanese concept of seeing the beauty in imperfection. Sarah’s own aesthetic combines a balance of understated luxury and effortless, artful living with a deep attachment to the natural world.


Kim Gordon Designs - Interior Design Studio

Kim Gordon is a self-taught artist who followed her love of beauty into the business of interior design. Today she collaborates with sunlight, ocean breezes and local flora to create unique environments for adventurous homeowners in Southern California. Her work has been featured in The NY Times, Architectural Digest, Forbes and other publications. 


Society DUCHATEAU is a rewards program. You continue to spec DUCHATEAU products for your projects. When any DUCHATEAU product is installed, we will pay you 15¢ per square foot of product installed.

All DUCHATEAU products are eligible for the program. This includes Atelier Hardwood, DUCHATEAU Signature Hardwood, Vinyl DeLuxe Classic LVT, LuxeTech LVT, Guild Hardwood, Inceptiv Wall Panels, and Celestio and Celestio Legno Wall Panels.

Regardless of product chosen, the reward is $0.15 per square foot installed, or $100, whichever is greater.

Once you have signed up, you will tell your DUCHATEAU representative when you specify any DUCHATEAU project. They will need to know the Project Name, the specific DUCHATEAU product(s) used, purchaser information, and the targeted installation date. The representative will enter your project into our tracking system. Then, when the installation is complete, let your representative know. Pending verification, you will be issued a check equal to the total of $0.15 per square foot.

All you need to do after being invited is fill out the Enrollment Form, and send it to your DUCHATEAU representative. They will handle the rest.

Just send photos of the jobs you want to feature, along with a short description, to your DUCHATEAU representative. The project must feature DUCHATEAU flooring or wall panels, and the DUCHATEAU products must be visible in the photos. Also, make sure you have permission from the photographer to use the photo online.

Just reach out to your Duchateau representative. They can provide information on the classes we offer, as well as schedule your class.

Just reach out to your DUCHATEAU Representative. They will be able to assist you with any questions you may have, whether program-related or product-related.

You must obtain an “opportunity number” from your local DUCHATEAU Sales Representative prior to the project going out to bid to be eligible for Society DUCHATEAU Rewards. To find your representative contact us.

You must obtain an “opportunity number” from your local DUCHATEAU Sales Representative prior to the project going out to bid to be eligible for Society DUCHATEAU Rewards. To find your representative contact us.