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DUCHATEAU offers a complete design solution for your outdoor living spaces.We have partnered with some of the world’s most respected manufacturers of outdoor kitchens and furniture, including Lynx, Röshults, and Gandia Blasco.

We work with designers and architects to support their vision in the creation of beautiful spaces, providing their clients with the experience and results they deserve. By serving as a single resource, we deliver on our definition of outstanding service—a seamless design process from concept to completion.

Why we chose Röshults to part of DUCHATEAU’s offering

This Swedish brand is totally unique and brings its Scandinavian design flair to the outdoors. We love how the kitchen units are modular, well-engineered, and use the best quality materials in a refined and architectural way. For condominiums that no longer allow open flame BBQs, Roshults provides an outdoor induction grill alternative. 

Why we chose Urban Bonfire to part of DUCHATEAU’s offering

They are a great company to work with. With Urban Bonfire, you can take your indoor kitchen outdoors. The cabinetry is Marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum. 5 standard colors—and you can incorporate Dekton surfaces. Imagine a Dekton door with a Dekton top for a seamless look. For a complete outdoor environment, we add in their planters and outdoor slatwall.

Why we chose Gandia Blasco to be part of DUCHATEAU’s offering

Gandia Blasco has the most beautiful outdoor products with that sophisticated, modern Spanish style; From the umbrella you open with one finger, to statement daybeds, to beautiful teak chaise lounges, to outdoor dining tables with Dekton tops. Everything is customizable, gorgeous, and built to last.

Why we chose Lynx to part of DUCHATEAU’s offering

Lynx are the best outdoor grills. Sleek, luxurious, and reliable, they are in a class in themselves. The Lynx pizza oven is simply amazing, and one of the most sought-after products in the industry.

Why we chose Evo Cooker to be art of DUCHATEAU’s offering

You can do everything on it. Like a big griddle, you can cook different foods on the same surface. Perfect for an outdoor kitchen, it is versatile and easy to clean. We love that you could cook your entire meal at once. Use the temperature adjustments to prepare your asparagus, rice, and fish all together—or a breakfast of eggs bacon and sauteed veggies.

Why we chose Marvel to be part of DUCHATEAU’s offering

Marvel is our go to resource for outdoor refrigeration. They do everything we are looking for, from ice makers to undercounter refrigeration to beverage centers, and for anywhere; outdoor, indoor bar, gyms. The design is forward thinking, such as doors that do not require notching into cabinets, or offer the options for glass or panel ready doors.