Why aren’t Duchateau products sold over the Internet?

Internet Sales Policy

At DuChâteau, we are proud to deliver superior architectural products. Our specialty finishing and distressing techniques have kept DuChâteau on the cutting-edge of designer luxury products.

We are constantly working to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards, from the raw materials to the finished product. In addition to providing superior craftsman designed products, we believe our customers should enjoy the best possible service and sales support. To meet this goal, we have developed a network of carefully selected distributors and exclusive DuChâteau dealers — qualified, experienced professionals who provide our customers with the ultimate in service and technical and installation support.

If sold over the internet, DuChâteau is not able to maintain the high standard of our products and service. Therefore, DuChâteau products are only sold via Authorized Dealers who are NOT permitted to sell DuChâteau products over the Internet. Only sales made through an Authorized Dealer will be warrantied.
Why are DuChâteau products sold exclusively through a network of distributors and qualified dealers?

Service: When you buy DuChâteau luxury products, you get the benefit of unparalleled service, both at the point of sale and beyond. DuChâteau’s network of trained, authorized dealers is made up of experts in the sale and installation of these kind of high-end products. These dealers will walk you through the purchasing process, while providing technical support that is specific to the unique demands of our products.

Technical support: Authorized dealers are trained in the unique demands of our products and will help to ensure our products are suited for your building environment. Many installers may not be familiar with these kinds of luxury products. An authorized dealer will be able to give you all the technical knowledge needed to ensure your installation is correct.

A specialty purchase: A DuChâteau product is not a commodity product, like a book or CD. You use these products every day, and it is an investment that will raise the value of your space for years to come. Buying your DuChâteau product from a reputable dealer assures that the people who sell, install, and service your DuChâteau products are experienced, well-trained professionals.

Installation: Authorized DuChâteau dealers can arrange for any of our fine products to be installed by an experienced, well-trained professional who will minimize waste, provide the look and finishing touches you are seeking, and make sure it is installed safely and for your prolonged enjoyment. Entrusting a DuChâteau product to an untrained technician can compromise its longevity and integrity. A DuChâteau product that is not installed according to our Installation Guidelines will void our warranty, potentially putting your investment at risk. Authorized DuChâteau dealers can assist you in finding experienced installers who stand behind their work, helping to protect your investment.

Shipping issues: If you buy your DuChâteau product over the Internet, you will be responsible for checking that the delivered product is not damaged or warped, which is not always easy to determine for the inexperienced. If the product turns out to be damaged and you claim a replacement, the shipping company may reject the claim and try to prove that it is not responsible. There is no substitute for being able to speak face-to-face with a live person.

Product quality: Given the proliferation of foreign manufacturers and imitation products on the market, you want to be sure that the high quality DuChâteau product you’re expecting is really what is in the box. Buying from approved dealers is your guarantee that you are getting an authentic product.

After-sales service: After you purchase your DuChâteau product, your local dealers are always there to help you maintain and care for it, as well as carry out any needed repairs.

We encourage you to find out about our network of expert DuChâteau distributors and dealers. To find the dealer closest to you, contact our Customer Service Department at the following toll free number: 1 888-DUCHATEAU (1 888-382-4283).

By choosing DuChâteau, you get the peace of mind of knowing you are working with a dependable global manufacturer, backed by personable local service. We hope you will visit a local showroom and discover the timeless beauty that is DuChâteau and its many fine luxury products.