Installation Instructions

To ensure optimal results and complete warranty coverage, all DUCHATEAU products should be installed by a certified professional installer. Please review the attachments below for complete installation guidelines for our products.


We offer several three types of adhesive for our products depending on the type of flooring and application.

DUAG-71 Wood Adhesive

  • This high-performance, moisture cured urethane wood adhesive is ideal for installing all DUCHATEAU’s hardwood collections to all subfloors suitable for the installation of hardwood flooring.
  • Size: 4 gallon
  • Coverage: 35-40 sq ft per gallon (140-160 sq ft per 4-gallon pail)
  • Application: trowel

DUAG-87 Wood Adhesive 3 in 1

  •  This 3-in-1 wood floor silyl-based adhesive polymer and serves not only as an adhesive, but a moisture barrier and sound attenuator, as well. As a modified polymer silyl adhesive, this product is easier to clean off the wood without damaging the finish and features an environmentally safe composition.
  • Size: 3.5 gallon
  • Coverage: 35-40 sq ft per gallon (120-140 sq ft per 3.5-gallon pail)
  • Application: trowel

DUAG-58 Resilient Adhesive

  • DUAG-58 Premium Resilient Flooring Adhesive is designed specifically for the installation of Duchateau glue-down luxury vinyl tile and plank in a releasable application. As an acrylic emulsion, DUAG-58 combines the excellent performance of a pressure sensitive adhesive with top environmental safety characteristics. DUAG-58 is releasable, non-flammable, non-hazardous and water-resistant, providing a strong, long-lasting bond. Due to its pressure sensitive characteristics, DUAG-58 eliminates concern about installing a non-porous backed floor covering over a non-porous substrate.  DUAG-58 can be used over all grade levels of concrete in the absence of excessive moisture and alkalinity. Moisture tests are required on all concrete subfloors regardless of grade level if the concrete is freshly poured or is classified as an older slab.
  • Size: 4 gallon
  • Coverage: 220 sq ft per gallon (880 sq ft per 4-gallon pail)
  • Floorscore Certified

Video Resources – 3D Wood Wall Panel Installation

Maintenance Instructions

Protect your investment and your floors will give you years of enjoyment. we sell floors with different finishes, and depending on your finish it will require different maintenance products. Please refer to product pages for specific product recommendations. DUCHATEAU offers care products that help maintain several of our product lines.

Oil Finish Products:

Maintenance Oil Clear 

  • Size: 1 liter
  • Coverage: 750 sq ft per liter
  • Application: regular maintenance and spot treatment of Duchateau oil finished floors
  • Frequency: annually or as needed

Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant 

  • Size:  1 liter
  • Coverage:  4000 sq ft per liter
  • Application: regular cleaning and protection of Duchateau oil finished floors
  • Frequency:  once per month or as needed

Video Resources – Oil Finish Maintenance: 


All of our products are backed with a limited warranty to give you peace of mind. 

Hardwood: 25-year residential surface finish, 3-year commercial surface finish

All LVT: 20 year residential, 10 year commercial

3D Wood Wall Panels: 5-year limited structural integrity, 3-year residential surface finish

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