Installation Instructions

To ensure optimal results and complete warranty coverage, all DUCHATEAU products should be installed by a certified professional installer. Please review the attachments below for complete installation guidelines for our products.


Choose your adhesive based on the type of flooring and application.

Video Resources – 3D Wood Wall Panel Installation

Maintenance Instructions

Protect your investment and your floors will give you years of enjoyment. we sell floors with different finishes, and depending on your finish it will require different maintenance products. Please refer to product pages for specific product recommendations. DUCHATEAU offers care products that help maintain several of our product lines.

Oil Finish Products:

Maintenance Oil Clear (PDF)

  • Size: 1 liter
  • Coverage: 750 sq ft per liter
  • Application: regular maintenance and spot treatment of Duchateau oil finished floors
  • Frequency: annually or as needed


Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant (PDF)

  • Size:  1 liter
  • Coverage:  4000 sq ft per liter
  • Application: regular cleaning and protection of Duchateau oil finished floors
  • Frequency:  once per month or as needed


Video Resources – Oil Finish Maintenance: 


All of our products are backed with a limited warranty to give you peace of mind. 

Hardwood: 25-year residential surface finish, 3-year commercial surface finish


All LVT: 20 year residential, 10 year commercial


3D Wood Wall Panels: 5-year limited structural integrity, 3-year residential surface finish


Duchateau Doors

Product Sample Disclaimer: Created to be a truly individual piece of nature’s artistry, each and every DUCHATEAU product carries distinct variations in size, shape, thickness, finish, texture, grain and overall character. This is how we develop theunique diversity and natural elegance of our flooring. Individual samples of these floors are merely for reference and not meant to serve as exact representations; it is virtually impossible to capture – in a single image or physical sample – the entire range of color variation and character that will be present in the flooring you will receive. To better understand the unique look of DUCHATEAU finished floor in your space, we recommend consulting your sales representative for more details.


Installation and Performance Disclaimer: Environmental conditions, such as exposure to light, and fluctuations in temperature and humidity, can affect product performance from initial installation throughout its life. Refer to our website forinstallation guidelines or see your local sales representative for more information on proper steps and specific environmental conditions to successfully install, care for and ensure the lifelong performance of your floor.