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When it comes to bringing the colors and textures of the natural world into your home, nothing rivals the rich character of natural hardwood. Well, almost nothing.

With the help of some astounding technological achievements over the past ten years, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is now able to recreate the look and feel of natural hardwood with a fidelity that can fool all but the most discerning eye.

LVT, or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) as it is also called, is decidedly not your parents’ vinyl flooring. When previous generations thought of vinyl they thought of gaudy, Brady Bunch-style floors commonly confused with linoleum. These days, LVT offers thoroughly modern elegance in literally dozens of colors and textures replicating the infinite variety of nature’s artistry.

A longtime favorite of commercial designers, luxury vinyl tile has finally caught the eyes of residential designers and homeowners for its comfort, durability, and ease of installation and upkeep.

Perhaps LVT’s best selling point, however, is its versatility. It lets you put the natural elegance of wood in places you never thought possible. This includes rooms and areas that are often wet, limited by spatial dimensions, or simply require frequent, easy cleanup.

With LVT, you can extend the luxury of the hardwood floors in your primary areas into virtually any space in your home. These include:

Transitional Areas

In large areas featuring more than one flooring material, LVT gives you a range of seamless transitional options. The variety of colors and textures is the perfect solution for an expansive installation.

For smaller areas, LVT provides a consistent flow, making the space feel larger. Whether you’re extending flooring from an entrance to a kitchen or from a master suite bedroom to the bath, LVT is a great choice for its resilience against scratches, dents, and water.


LVT is the ideal surface for busy kitchens. It is capable of standing up to water damage, is stain resistant, and has a softer resistance than ceramic tile, meaning dropped glass won’t shatter as easily. The ability to add a cushy underlayment also means that LVT is a lot more comfortable to stand on for long periods like when cooking or doing dishes.


With its water resistance and comfort underfoot, what better material than LVT for the bathrooms in your home? When using luxury vinyl tile in a bathroom, however, it’s important to adequately caulk around tubs, toilets, and walls to prevent water from escaping into the subfloor.

Laundry Rooms

Its resistance to mold, mildew and moisture make LVT the ideal option for laundry rooms or any other indoor area where moisture is a concern. Among its more appealing features is the fact that luxury vinyl tile can be installed over nearly any existing floor, with a bit of care and attention.

Kids’ Rooms

Often characterized by close quarters, mountains of toys, and less-than-tidy occupants, kids’ rooms are another ideal place for the versatility of vinyl. The durability, stain resistance, and easy-to-clean qualities of LVT let you effortlessly extend the natural aesthetic of hardwood into any child’s room.


Who said mudrooms had to be outfitted with ugly flooring? With LVT, durable doesn’t have to mean drab. Its resistance to bacteria and mold enables it to hold up against the rigors of your mudroom. Easy to clean, it will remain beautiful for decades with the help of a vacuum, damp cloth or mop. No resurfacing, re-sanding or refinishing required.

Home Office

Designers have long understood that natural elements influence productivity and wellbeing in workspaces. LVT is the perfect office complement, ensuring you won’t have to sacrifice style and comfort when it comes to the practicality of your home office.

Studios and Creative Areas

The last thing you want to be worried about in a creative space is the durability of your floors. Easy cleanup makes LVT a great choice for any studio or craft room. Just sweep up and hit it with a damp mop at the end of the day.

Game Rooms

Nothing completes a game room like the rich look of natural wood, but the traffic and stains that come from entertaining can make hardwood a less-than-practical option. LVT is the ideal alternative, enabling you to extend the natural wood theme onto walls, ceilings, and beyond.

Beach Homes

LVT is a great choice for tropical or beach homes where moisture and mold are constant foes. With realistic-looking wood grains embedded into each tile and plank, LVT ensures that naturally inspired vacation homes are beautiful as well as functional and mold-free.


Because it is easy to install and a breeze to maintain, vinyl plank flooring is an ideal option for basements, too. Its water resistance means that it’s more likely to hold up against the moisture, leaks, and flooding that basements endure.

DuChâteau Luxury Vinyl

DuChâteau’s luxury vinyl flooring collection perfectly emulates the natural depth, look and feel of wood, while offering a remarkably durable and low-maintenance flooring alternative.

Unique advantages to DuChâteau LVP include proprietary high-variation printing technology for less pattern repeat, ceramic-bead-enhanced urethane, and print films based on our European-inspired, high-character hardwood.

DuChâteau LVP lines infuse state-of-the-art technology to modern living, while retaining the traditional values of old-world craftsmanship and sustainability. Our three luxury vinyl options include:

Our flooring design specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have about luxury vinyl tile. Contact us today to learn more. 1.888.382.4283.

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