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Thank you for being an Atelier by DUCHATEAU dealer, we truly appreciate you and your team offering your customers the best flooring available.

My name is Rick Wagner, and I am the Vice President of Market Disruption for DUCHATEAU.

I am excited to announce the addition of John Neugent, DUCHATEAU Sales Ambassador, to our team. I worked with John a few years ago and have had the utmost respect for his knowledge and service-oriented approach. It makes me very happy to bring on this industry leader to DUCHATEAU to support your business.

John will be traveling to Atelier by DUCHATEAU dealer partners around the country on a mission to help support your team’s ability to sell this floor with confidence, and learn about the nuanced ways you can explain the unique value of Atelier floors to your customers.  If you would like to reserve a visit with John, please email us at [email protected]


Special Atelier Expedited Lead Time Now Available

Beginning right now, and running through November 2019, we are offering our valued dealers a special four week lead time on Atelier orders.  This means you can get a beautiful Atelier floor in your customer’s home faster than ever.  Ask your Market Disruptor for details.

Four week lead time applies to orders for standard colors of 10,000 feet or less.  The warm San Diego sun plays an important part in the manufacturing of each floor, so inclement weather may affect the four week timeframe.

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