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There is no shortage of acronyms when it comes to flooring choices these day. But one in particular is worth taking the time to unpack: WPC. This luxury vinyl tile (LVT) technology is often misunderstood.  As a core material in layered LVT, its appeal is that WPC is rigid, dimensionally stable, and, yes, 100% waterproof.

As one of the fastest growing choices in the flooring sector, WPC’s durability and versatility are changing the game in luxury vinyl flooring. Here’s what you need to know about this unique technology.


At the risk of getting lost in a sea of acronyms, it’s important to understand the relationship between WPC and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). WPC is the core technology used in many LVT floors. All floors featuring WPC can be characterized as LVT, but not all LVT floors feature WPC. WPC combines recycled wood pulp and plastic composites in a strong, stable bond that gives you the best of both materials. Its stable rigid core means that flooring with WPC core technology can be produced in wider formats as well.

A Defining Layer

Luxury vinyl tile is all about layers. There are many reasons to choose LVT, but for the flooring that features it, WPC is the defining layer. Its rigid core supports other layers responsible for stain resistance, wear and tear, and high-resolution wood imagery. Flooring featuring WPC features anywhere from 4 to 5 layers. At DuChâteau, our Vinyl DeLuxe Grand Collection features 5 layers that break down like this:

  1. The top layer, known as the Wear Layer, protects from wear and tear and provides superior stain resistance.
  2. The Signature Print Layer lies just beneath the wear layer and features ultra-realistic, high-resolution wood imagery with few repeats.
  3. Next is the Luxury Vinyl Top Layer, featuring phthalate-free virgin vinyl that provides high resiliency and dent resistance.
  4. Finally, we arrive at the WPC LuxeTech® Core, a 100% waterproof rigid composite core offering both protection and a hardwood-like foot feel.
  5. And, lastly, our HushWalk® layer provides extra sound reduction, adds warmth, eliminates the need for additional underlayment, and helps minimize or eliminate subfloor imperfections.

Thicker is Better

When it comes to flooring, thickness matters. Thicker flooring is generally denser, and density can be felt underfoot. You want your floor to feel strong and stable, not wispy and rickety. Thicker flooring also makes for easier installation because it can mask slight flaws or defects in your subfloor. With a thick flooring option, you don’t need to spend as much time and money preparing your existing subfloor. The interlocking systems featured in many floors with WPC technology allow for easy “click” installation without having to worry about glue.

Waterproof is Best

Of course, the signature feature of WPC (and the reason it’s so often mistaken for meaning “waterproof core”) is the fact that it’s 100% waterproof. Everyone wants the natural beauty of hardwood in their homes, but it isn’t always practical in every room in the house. LVT flooring has made it possible to put the look of wood almost anywhere. WPC technology takes things a step further. For spaces where water and intensive wear and tear can be an issue, LVT featuring a WPC core is an ideal solution. These areas include:

Resilient, Comfortable and Quiet

Generally, the harder your flooring surface the more resilient it is. But some surfaces can be so hard as to be uncomfortable on your feet and joints, especially after standing for long periods at a time, like in the kitchen. Flooring featuring WPC is incredibly resilient, but much more forgiving on your feet. The composite wood plastic core is dimensionally stable when exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations, while the layered structure ensures maximum sound reduction. No squeaking or hollow echoes like you get with laminate floors. Finally, padded underlayments provide comfort and further muffle footfalls and other unwanted noise.

Ultra-Low Maintenance

All of the features that make flooring with WPC so appealing also make it exceedingly easy to maintain. Occasional vacuuming will do the trick, along with a regular spray mop using a cleaner formulated for luxury vinyl. The top layer of any LVT floor with WPC is designed to repel stains and protect against wear and tear. And its waterproof nature means there’s no need to be constantly on the lookout, guarding against leaks and floods.

At DuChâteau, our WPC flooring options embody everything we stand for. State-of-the-art technology that brings old-world craftsmanship into modern living. Check out our Vinyl DeLuxe Grand Collection for everything WPC has to offer in stunning natural visuals.

Our flooring design specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of WPC. Contact us today for more information. 1.888.382.4283″

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