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Meet a Market Disruptor: Michael Brager

Michael Brager recently joined DUCHATEAU as a Market Disruptor for the San Fernando Valley, Ventura and Santa Barbara.  Michael has worked for the last two and a half years as a flooring representative for Mohawk Industries.  Before joining Mohawk, Michael spent twenty years in the fashion industry as a model and a fashion photographer.  Michael was initially drawn to DUCHATEAU for […]


PRODUCT FUN FACT: WHAT’S IN A NAME Each of our Guild collections has a unique set of names.  Each color in the Lineage Series is named after some of the most popular female names of this generation.  Each color in the Craft & Commerce Line bears the name of a traditional craftsman profession, celebrating the […]

In the News

We work tirelessly to generate press coverage and media mentions about DUCHATEAU and our products.  These all work to create more awareness about DUCHATEAU, and in turn, drive customers to you.  We’re excited to share the media coverage that DUCHATEAU and our products have been receiving.  Here are some highlights:   Grand Savoy/Duque Interior Design […]

Makerlab Edition

Makerlab Edition floors have a new 3″ plank width.  This super-narrow width is combined with long planks to create a look that challenges the status quo, and is unique to DUCHATEAU.  Each of the Makerlab Edition colors features high variation, capitalizing on the narrow plank to create a high-style look. There are four colorways: Joist […]

Craft & Commerce Line

The Craft & Commerce Line features 6″ wide planks.  This is an ideal mid-width option, perfect for rooms of all shapes and sizes.  The beautiful matte finish lets the color be the focus. There are five colors in the Line: Osler is a creamy tan, with white in the grain and minimal variation. Baxter has […]

Introducing The Guild

We are excited to announce our newest line of hardwood flooring!  The Guild was designed out of a desire to bring high style to a new generation of homeowners who are seeking elegance, distinction and durability at an affordable price.  Every style in The Guild is engineered wood European oak flooring, finished with matte UV […]

Caring for Your UV Lacquer Floor

The UV Lacquer finish used on floors from The Guild has been designed to be easy to care for and maintain, ensuring that the floor will be a beautiful addition to your home for years to come.  Just follow these easy tips and instructions: DAILY CLEANING For regular upkeep of your floor, a simple dry […]