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Atelier Series

Coast Fog

Atelier Series

Coast Fog

At DUCHATEAU we have perfected a signature weathered look in our Atelier line. Coast Fog is a white reminiscent of the low-lying dense summer fog that hugs the California coast, a fog that is the outcome of the cold ocean contrasted against a warm air. We look for that perfect shade of white that avoids going pink or yellow. Light wire brushing brings out the grain.

High Variation
One of the characteristics of an extraordinary floor is the variation between planks—what truly livens a space.  The tannins in each board, along with the time of year it is produced, add to this natural beauty. You should expect this variation in each Atelier floor.  Our Visualizer has examples.

Depth and Richness
Our refined methodology enriches the wood from within to create colors with extraordinary depth and richness. The various reactive processes are meticulously applied to every plank, and elicit a uniquely Atelier response from the wood. Every Atelier floor tells a story of its own.

Unlike urethane, our finishes allow the wood to breathe. They create beautiful matte finishes and offer a lifetime of enjoyment when maintained properly.  Our finishes also allow easy spot treatments to keep your floor looking amazing.

The tannins in our planks evolve over time. As your Atelier floor ages, it will become richer in color and develop a natural patina unique to your floor. Like a fine wine, it improves with age.

Updated color previously called Driftwood White.




European Oak


Aged Character




UV Oil


5/8” (16 mm)

Installation Methods

Glue-Down, Nail/Staple with Glue-Assist, or Floating**

Surface Treatment


Top Layer

4 mm*


7-1/2″ (190 mm), 9 1/2″ (240 mm)


Random length up to 96-1/2″ (2450 mm)

Radiant Heating



Limited Lifetime Structural Integrity, 25-year Residential Surface finish, 3-year Commercial Surface Finish


7-1/2″: 20.04 sq ft.,

9-1/2″: 25.32 sq ft.

Hardwood Available Trims

Stairnose, Reducer, Threshold, T-Mold, Squarenose

Specification Notes

Note: All measurements are nominal.
*Nominal top layer thickness measured prior to finishing processes.
Finishing processes such as wire–brushing will affect the overall thickness.
**Flooring with plank widths above 7-1/2” cannot be floated.