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Line + Air

Born from the simple beauty where line and air meet. Where the harmony of illumination and darkness enhance nature’s expression through exceptional design.

Light and shadow move in a silent rhythm across the openings between wood pieces, where the endless pursuit of perfection has discovered just as much to be told in the negative space.

Intentional in its entirety, the material is finished on all sides, creating a presence that can be felt in spaces intimate or grand—a refined architecture that fills its surrounding spaces with life.

The Shadow style wears a felt layer of acoustic insulation that creates this collection’s alternate identity—a professional complement as much as it is stylistic.

Slats are made of veneer atop engineered cores. We offer two backing choices—the same species veneer over an engineered core or felt (“Shadow”). We fashion corner posts and trim pieces to blend each installation in its space, all 119” long coverings in walnut or oak.

All panels are 14-3/4″ wide, 119″ long, and 1-5/8” thick.

Oak Shadow