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Global Winds


The Global Winds Collection™ is the embodiment of DUCHATEAU’s passion for the raw, natural beauty of hardwood. Each Global Winds style appears to be created by the elements of sun, wind and time which have matured the color from within, letting the true soul of the wood shine through. Reflecting this connection to nature, each floor is named after one of the unique local winds found across the globe.

Global Winds planks are 7.5”/190mm wide, with lengths up to 75”.  All are engineered European white oak floors, with an ultra-matte UV lacquer finish.



Inspired by the warm wind found in the Aegean Sea, Sirocco is a raw visual, in which the Mediterranean sun washed-out the color to a luminous soft white. We avoid the pinks and yellows of lesser pale floors, making it the perfect white tone.


Levante, named after the Moorish wind found at the Strait of Gibraltar, has the look of salt spray from ocean swells against rocky shores. The tone of the floor is enhanced by a mortar ash shade to create the perfect greige.


Chinook blends warm mid-tone browns with a cool cast, inspired by the warm and dry downslope wind unique to the Canadian Rockies.


Mistral appears to have aged in place, reminding us of the floors found in traditional Provencal farmhouses in Southern France, buffeted by the incessant winds.


Harmattan, named after the central Saharan wind that leaves a dusty haze in the afternoon sky, is a neutral mid-tone tan that is nuanced with a light blend of charcoal in the grain.


Buran is evocative of the cold wind found in Eastern Asia. We are obsessed with the perfect dark brown color that does not appear too red or orange, but has the perfect moody, clear tone with depth.