Maintenance Oil Clear


For a lasting, hardy brilliance that will stay with your hard wax oiled floors for a lifetime, use DUCHATEAU’s Maintenance Oil Clear.

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Periodic application of this all natural product will help rejuvenate the surface coat of your floors to prevent de-saturation of those hard-wax oils and keep them looking great and relatively impermeable to foreign contaminants.

Radiant Heating: not-applicableApplication: Duchateau oil finished wood floorsCoverage: 750 square feet per can (33.8 fl.oz)Storage: Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. In case of an already opened package, a film could appear on the top layer. The film MUST be removed before using the product.Characteristics: The Oil element of the Maintenance Oil may help brighten the natural grain of the wood and may enhance the color. As wood floors age, high traffic areas tend to wear more than lower traffic areas. Duchateau Maintenance Oil may be applied to those high traffic areas with greater frequency without having to re-coat the entire floor. However, the entire floor should be maintained annually as needed. Regular application of Maintenance Oil will provide longer-lasting protection and keep your floors looking beautiful for many years to come.Usage Instructions: Shake and stir the can of Duchateau Maintenance Oil well. There are wax solids that settle in the oil that need to be blended for proper application. Pour the Maintenance Oil into a squeeze bottle. This will allow more control over the amount of oil applied. Squirt a small amount of the oil on a soft cloth or applicator, spreading as thin as possible with a soft rag. Use a cotton rag that does not have loops of material that can snag on corners or in textured grain. For best results, spread along the grain, wiping off excess as you go. While applying, there should not be any pooling of Duchateau Maintenance Oil. When applied properly, the floor should have a slight sheen but should not appear wet. Never pour from the can on the floor. For complete usage instructions, please refer to Duchateau’s Maintenance Guidelines for Oil finished floors. Drying Time: 12 hours. Optimal hardness after 48 hours.Working Temperature: Do not use below 16 degrees Fahrenheit.


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