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We are introducing a new feature.  John Neugent, our Brand Ambassador, will be answering some of the most common questions that you and your customers may have.

Q:  What makes a DUCHATEAU oil finish floor easy to repair?

The advantage of our natural finish is the ability to spot refresh by the homeowner.  Urethane finishes are durable, but typically need professional repair.  Not every wood floor with a natural finish is as easy to repair as Duchateau.  A lot of people don’t realize that a traditionally stained wood floor will need added color to fill in scratch marks before reapplying finish.

The beauty of a DUCHATEAU floor is the aging process we use to draw the color out of the wood.  The color is deep into the wood veneer. Therefore, the natural oil finish can be reapplied immediately after addressing the scratch without the extra chore of adding color or stain.  This also makes our floors popular for commercial projects.

Q: Should I consider plank width based on the size of my room?

I’m asked this a lot.  Many designers recommend wider widths in conjunction with larger spaces and vice versa.

However, there is a deeper aesthetic consideration. When wood planks were first being used for homes, trees were cut live sawn to efficiently use the entire log.  The result was many different widths mixed on the ceilings, walls and floors.  This is an historically significant visual and it adds interest to any space.  Our Varació Collection is a great example of this variety.

In addition, the widest planks were cut from the center of the log.  This produced three distinct grain patterns: plain sawn, rift sawn and quarter sawn.  If you eliminate wide planks due to a smaller space, you may also lose this beautiful mixture of grain patterns.  If your designer does recommend narrow planks, our Makerlab Edition from the Guild is perfect for any space.

Got a question for John?  Send it to [email protected], and he just may answer it here!

John Neugent received his BSED from the University of Georgia and after sales, management and training roles during a 30 year career is now Brand Ambassador/Director of Training for DUCHATEAU.

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