DUCHATEAU Design + Röshults Exclusive SoCal Offers


Challenge your senses. See beauty from new perspectives. Discover outdoor living that combines high-class materials with modern architecture, design, and function. DUCHATEAU is proud to partner with Röshults to bring European outdoor style to Southern California.



Free Röshults delivery and installation within 150 miles of DUCHATEAU Design, San Diego, CA1


10% discount on all Röshults products (including furniture)1

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    1Offer good 2/18/2022 through 5/18/2022. To redeem offer, you must visit, fill out the required form in its entirety and submit to DUCHATEAU Design, sign all required DUCHATEAU Design agreements necessary to complete your order, and submit any required deposits to DUCHATEAU Design on or before 05/18/2022. Available delivery and assembly dates shall be provided by DUCHATEAU Design after your deposit has been received, shall be subject to change based on availability of products, third party vendors, and other factors outside of DUCHATEAU Design’s control, and shall require at least one person over the age of 18 to be on-site during entire delivery and assembly process. Delivery and assembly fees shall be calculated by DUCHATEAU Design at the time of order, and will vary based on the products ordered and delivery location. Free delivery and assembly of eligible Röshults products, up to ten percent (10%) of total sales price for all eligible Röshults products ordered via this offer, to delivery locations located within 150 miles of DUCHATEAU Design’s address- 8480 Miralani Drive, San Diego, CA 92126. Additional fees and charges may apply for deliveries outside of this delivery area or for deliveries and assemblies where the calculated delivery and assembly charges exceed ten percent (10%) of total sales price for all eligible Röshults products. Delivery and assembly charges for non-Röshults products shall apply at rates quoted by Duchaeau Design or third party vendors. Delivery and assembly site must be adequate to allow space for delivery and assembly as determined by DUCHATEAU Design at the time of order, and such delivery and assembly site must be fully prepared to accept delivery and placement of assembled products as directed by DUCHATEAU Design at the time of order- any required electrical, plumbing, and other work required to prepare delivery and assembly site for acceptance and placement of purchased goods must be completed by licensed contractors prior to scheduled delivery date and site readiness must be confirmed with photographs as required by DUCHATEAU Design and third party vendors. After delivery and assembly of eligible products and depending on the types of products ordered, additional labor may be required to be performed by licensed electricians, plumbers, and other licensed contractors before Röshults products may be used and enjoyed. DUCHATEAU Design shall not be responsible or liable for any work, services, or materials performed or provided by third parties in the course of delivery or assembly of eligible products. Cancellations or alterations of delivery and assembly dates less than 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery time may be subject to additional charges. Additional site visits to complete delivery and assembly, or where delivery location was not prepared for acceptance and placement of products ordered as directed by DUCHATEAU Design, shall be subject to additional charges, generally charged at an hourly rate. Dealer offer, expires 5/19/2022. Offer valid with respect to original purchaser only. Void where prohibited or if transferred, sold, auctioned, reproduced, or altered from original in any manner. Any other use is void and may constitute fraud. You will pay sales tax and all other applicable charges. To review full terms, visit Cash value is 1/100th of 1 cent.

    This offer is valid for new customers of DUCHATEAU Design only. Orders placed through this offer are deemed custom orders, meaning that all such sales are final, non-returnable, and non-refundable once an agreement is signed with DUCHATEAU Design. Orders shall not be placed with manufacturer until your deposit is received. Products ordered are generally made-to-order, and lead times will vary based on a variety of factors outside of DUCHATEAU Design’s control- all delivery timeframes specified are estimates only and subject to change. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Sales tax and other required charges shall be applied to all orders in accordance with applicable law. For free delivery and assembly to apply, all products ordered must be delivered and assembled in one visit. Additional trips for delivery and/or assembly shall be billed to purchaser at the installer’s standard rate. Delivery and assembly will be contracted with and performed by a third party vendor but paid for by DUCHATEAU Design pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein, and pending availability of such third party vendors. Delivery and assembly only- DUCHATEAU Design shall not provide or be liable or responsible in any way for any required permitting, demolition, construction, plumbing work, electrical work, or any other work which may require a contractor’s license. It is your responsibility to review all product assembly requirements and site requirements prior to delivery and assembly, to ensure that your delivery and assembly site is fully prepared for delivery and assembly. This offer subject to change. Please visit for the latest information. The discounts offered apply to regular-priced items only and may not be combined with any other offers, sales, or incentives, whether offered by DUCHATEAU Design or manufacturer. By submitting your request to DUCHATEAU Design, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.