Atelier Series


Soho is a fumed product that in the beginning is chemically darkened. This first step lays the groundwork for reactive staining that produces a muted taupe/brown color reminiscent of damp sand, similar to what you would find along the chilly beach areas along the Oregon Coast. A planed surface also provides some textured areas that capture light highlights showing character and dimension to the surface.

Each Atelier board is a work of art, lovingly created by our master craftsmen at our workshop in California.

High Variation
Our proprietary techniques are used to manipulate and enrich the wood from within to create colors with extraordinary depth and richness. The various reactive processes are meticulously applied to every plank which elicits a uniquely Atelier response from the wood. Every Atelier floor tells a story all its own.

Depth and Richness
The proprietary techniques we use to manipulate and enrich the wood from within create colors with extraordinary depth and richness. Whether it is charring, smoking, fuming, brushing, scraping or more, each board is treated with loving care during the production process. Every Atelier floor tells a story.

Oil Finish
Unlike urethane finishes, our oil finishes allow the wood to breathe. They create beautiful matte finishes and offer a lifetime of enjoyment when maintained properly.  Oil finishes also allow easy spot treatments if needed to keep your floor looking amazing.

The tannins in our planks continue to evolve and change. As your Atelier floor ages, it will become richer in color and develop a natural patina that is unique to your floor. Like a fine wine, it improves with age.

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Species: European OakGrade: Aged Character or SelectConstruction: EngineeredFinish: Hard-Wax OilThickness: 5/8″ (16 mm)*Installation Methods: Glue-Down, Nail/Staple with Glue assistSurface Treatment: Torched, heavy wire brushing, reactive oil treatments Top Layer: 4 mm*Width: 8" (200mm), 9 1/2" (240mm)Length: 96-1/2" (2450mm)**Radiant Heating: yesWarranty: Limited Lifetime Structural Integrity, 25-year residential surface finish, 3-year commercial surface finish Coverage/Box: 21.08 sq. ft/25.32 sq. ft.

* Nominal top layer thickness measured prior to finishing processes. Finishing processes such as wire brushing will affect the overall thickness.
** Starter boards may be included.
***Custom mouldings available upon request.


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