5 Home Décor Trends for 2019

As we move towards 2019, several important design trends are beginning to emerge. Here’s a preview of five of the top trends design and décor experts are predicting will be big in 2019.

From natural wood to plants to sage green, home décor trends in the year ahead include many ways to transform your home into a natural respite—a place to unwind surrounded by the calming influence of the natural world.

Here, we take a look at 5 home décor trends for 2019 to give you a head start on transforming your own home. One thing is for sure: luxury hardwood never goes out of style. It’s just a matter of which color, style, and placement fits the trend that speaks to you.


1. Natural Wood

DuChateau 2019 Trends Wood
Call us biased, but we love the trend toward natural wood throughout the home. Whether in trim and accents or as a unifying look, natural wood is slowly overtaking the crisp white kitchens that have been popular over the past few years.

Natural, light wood surfaces give kitchens a more relaxed feel. And if Scandinavian interiors appeal to your senses, you’re in luck. The use of natural wood fits seamlessly with their clean lines and uncluttered style.

Kitchens aren’t the only place where natural wood will reign supreme. Wood gives warmth to any room in the house, whether as a curated piece of furniture, a continuous natural hardwood floor, or even a wall covering.


2. Plants

DuChateau 2019 Trends Plants
Plants will continue their takeover of hip living rooms across the country in 2019. Monstera Deliciosas, Pilea Peperomioides, fiddle-leaf figs and more will be intertwined into all manners of design schemes. And nothing brings out the calming allure of plants like rustic, natural hardwood floors with plenty of character.

One of the most versatile décor elements, plants have a way of transforming just about any living space. Different plants can lend a room an elegant, welcoming, relaxing, and even friendly ambiance.

If you don’t have confidence in your green thumb, a high-quality artificial plant is the solution. These days, artificial plants are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing and beyond a casual dusting require no maintenance or gardening skills.


3. Curves

DuChateau 2019 Trends Curves
When it comes to furnishings, walls and accent pieces, straight lines and sharp angles are out. Softer, rounder features will be on the minds of designers in 2019. A nod to 60s-era design, curved, soft furniture has been turning heads at design shows lately, where rigid right angles have begun to feel routine.

Beyond comfy sofas and loveseats, curves will also be seen in mirrors and frames as well. Tabletops, rugs, side chairs and benches—there’s no shortage of ways to bring this unique trend into your home in 2019.


4. Sage Green

DuChateau 2019 Trends Sage
Move over, millennial pink, there’s a new shade in town. In 2019, blush-toned throw rugs and kitchen appliances will give way to sage green walls and couch cushions. A decidedly more contemplative hue, sage green has a uniquely calming allure.

If you haven’t already, expect to see more and more of sage green in your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. We have a feeling it will win you over in the same way it did us. The color is subdued and almost neutral, and pairs perfectly with retro rattan furniture or classic timber pieces. And nothing brings out the subtle beauty of sage like natural hardwood floors or accent walls.


5. Statement Ceilings

DuChateau 2019 Trends Ceilings
The ceilings of 2019 will make you want to look up. Statement ceilings recall the ornate molded tin overheads of the lavish 1920s. Whether expressively painted, wallpapered, or covered in beautiful natural hardwood, expect the visual impact of foyers, living rooms, and dining areas to be above.

Ceilings dressed in contrasting wallpaper or geometric natural wood wall coverings create a surprise effect for those entering a room. And for those who prefer their walls free and clear of visual encumbrances, the statement ceiling is the perfect solution.


DuChâteau’s vast selection of flooring and wall coverings has everything an interior designer could ask for when designing for 2019. Whichever trends speaks to you, we’ve got a way to fully embrace it.

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