TISE 2016 Review

The International Surface Event was an exciting showcase for DuChâteau, setting the tone for what is already a thriving 2016. The Atelier Series® proudly stood out with all-new, one-of-a-kind surface treatments and colors, including the formal introduction of its signature editions. The Essence Edition, The Cathedral Edition, The Driftwood Edition, The Raftwood Edition, The Tidal Edition and The Pure Edition — all bring a welcomed breadth of exclusive floors to the line. The unveiling of these new additions was exactly what TISE guests wanted to see from the luxury lifestyle brand. While thirteen new floors round out the Series, these new editions offer a variety of surface treatments that achieve a remarkable depth and beauty. The Tidal Edition, for example, features floors with an undulated surface that carries a rhythm through the grain like waves in the ocean. It is a difference in texture that you can not only see but also feel. In contrast, The Pure Edition delivers graceful, clean surfacing for a smooth, modern finish, for which designers and architects have been clamoring. Thanks to The Atelier Series’ Master Craftsman Tom Goddijn DuChâteau is truly unlike any other.


Adding to the mix, our other gorgeous surfaces such as Hardwood, Porcelain DeLuxe, Vinyl DeLuxe and showed off the California-based company’s versatility in the world of interior design. Most notably, DuChâteau Wall Coverings designed by Joe Langenauer were turning heads. The combination of architectural and geometric design along with incredible finishes was an eye-catcher for attendees. This exclusive line of luxury wall coverings is available in 12 styles with an exquisite selection of colors and finishes.


The New Year has just begun and DuChâteau is ready for a flourishing 2016! Please visit our website to view all of the new products seen at TISE: http://duchateau.com.

Watch the TISE 2016 Full Show video by Construct-Ed below! HINT: At 13:55 you’ll find interviews with our designers Joe & Tom along with a special DuChâteau feature!

Take a look at our full gallery of images from TISE 2016 on DuChâteau’s Facebook page!