The Wood Doctor: Hardwood Maintenance Questions From Facebook Fans



1) “How can latex paint be removed from our new Windsor floor? The painters left splatters.” – Robine H.

Using a clean soft cloth, apply our DuChâteau Maintenance Oil- Clear on the paint spots and gently rub until the paint is removed. You may find this article helpful:

2) “How often should we apply DuChâteau’s Maintenance Oil Clear to our hard-wax hardwood floors?” – Jay C.

While it would be ideal to oil your entire floor every year, we recommend you apply DuChâteau Maintenance Oil- Clear at least once a year in the areas you can see and walk on. No need to move heavy furniture every time because it is mostly the foot traffic that is wearing down the wax coat. Once the oil is applied and dried, it will blend back to an even look between exposed and covered areas; you will never know where you started and where you stopped. Any areas that are showing signs of dryness and staining, like in a kitchen, we recommend you oiling your floor more frequently, such as every six months. Periodically every few years, you should oil your entire floor for good measure. Depending on where you live, dryer climates may require that you oil your entire floor more frequently. You can also use the DuChâteau Maintenance Oil-Clear to remove stains, such as wine, food and even some paint. If you have a question on how often to oil your entire floor, contact me.

3) “We just got St. Moritz Hardwood floors installed in our home and we absolutely love it! BUT, we are worried about our kids tracking in dirt on the floor after playing outside. Do you have any recommendations on how to avoid damage to our new floors?” – Anonymous 

Place floor mats in every area that you enter the home. Give your kids a chance to wipe their feet or shoes before they enter the home and add a shoe storage by the door. Remember, the DuChâteau Maintenance Oil- Clear can be used to remove dust and footprints from the floor. Know that your new flooring will get better with age and that’s the beauty of a having quality hardwood floor… Do not be afraid to live on your floor; enjoy it!

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