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1) “I have red oak flooring, it is a honey color and seems to have areas where it looks like buildup is wearing away or seems patchy. What can I do to make the floor bright and not have the build up? I’ve used Bona to clean the floors and that’s all since we bought the home a year ago.” – Chastity

If you are using Bona hardwood floor cleaners, I am assuming you have a urethane finish floor because Bona products can only be used on unwaxed, polyurethane-finished wood floors. I don’t know how old the floor is, but to me it sounds like you need to recoat the floor. If the finish is worn to the point that bare wood is exposed, a complete re-sanding and finishing is necessary. If the wear is not that severe, the floor can be mechanically abraded and recoated or a chemical recoating system may be used.

Please note that Bona products should NOT be used on any hard-wax oil DuChâteau products.

2) “I have Ipe flooring through my house what is the best product to clean it?” – Claudia

For those who do not know, Ipe is a species of hardwood that is known for its hard robust nature. When cleaning your Ipe hardwood floors, you’ll need to know what type of finish you have on your floor before choosing a cleaning product. Most likely, it is a urethane finish and Bona hardwood floor cleaner would work great. However, if it’s a wax floor (i.e. DuChâteau hardwood), we do NOT recommend Bona for a cleaner. Follow the steps below to see if wax is present in your floor:

  • Use a small amount of mineral spirits on a clean white rag in an area that has not been exposed to a high-traffic area.
  • If a slight yellow or brown color appears on the white rag, the wax is usually present.
  • Recoat the tested area with paste wax.

If you have more questions regarding the cleaning of your Ipe flooring, do not hesitate to contact me! Please note that Bona products should NOT be used on any hard-wax oil DuChâteau products.

3) “I have a dog that has “bathroom” accidents everywhere in our home, what is the best flooring for this situation? – Danielle

Unfortunately, we hear of these “accidents” happening often. I can recommend two floor coverings for your situation, our Vinyl DeLuxe and Porcelain DeLuxe Collections. Our Vinyl DeLuxe Collection is durable and low-maintenance while our Porcelain DeLuxe Collection is hardy, nonporous and low-maintenance. Both of these collections are an excellent hardwood flooring alternative and will be ideal for your living situation. Plus, they are both very easy to clean!

4) “Can DuChâteau Hardwood Flooring be installed over radiant heat?” – Chris

Yes, radiant heat can be installed under DuChâteau Hardwood but there are some important notes that you should know. Certain Flooring is warranted for use with Radiant Heat Systems. If such Flooring is installed over a radiant heating system, the surface temperature of the flooring must not exceed 82° Fahrenheit. Dramatic temperature changes may damage the flooring. Flooring must be heated gradually in 5° Fahrenheit increments. It is recommended that a dedicated thermostat be installed to allow the temperature of the radiant heat system to be accurately controlled. For warranty coverage to apply, the flooring must be authorized for use with a radiant heating system and the installation must conform to the manufacturer’s special Instructions for installations over radiant heat systems, including the placement of approved under-floor heat sensors. For more information, please refer to our Quality Engineered Warranty here:

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