The Wood Doctor | 5 Ways to NOT Void Your DuChâteau Warranty


As many of us are aware, buying a floor can be extremely overwhelming. Which color do I choose? Will it match my furniture? How do I care for the floor?

The last thing any of us want to worry about is voiding a warranty that could potentially cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the future. To help avoid this outcome, we have put together a quick reference list of big NO NO’s regarding your DuChâteau floors. Doing any of the following WILL void your warranty:

#1 Changing the finish on your floor

This might seem like common sense to most people, but the bottom line is that if you tamper with how the floor already comes, you will no longer have warranty protection. This means that you cannot put your own stain or paint on the floor. You may not sand or change the finish on a floor in any way.

#2 Hiring an unlicensed person to install your floor

I know we all like to help out our friends and family, and potentially our pockets, but don’t do it. You MUST get a Licensed C15 contractor to install the floors.

#3 Using an off-brand adhesive

Keep in mind, that when you install the floor you MUST use a name brand adhesive, such as Bostik’s Best. For more information on using the proper adhesives for your hardwood floors, read this article:

#4 Disregarding or forgetting to maintain the floor

Remember, wood is a natural, living, breathing product. We must take care of it like we take care of ourselves! You must oil your floors at least once every year. Oiling your wood floors is similar to putting lotion on your skin. Simply put, it re-nourishes the wood and hydrates it, giving it more life in the long run.

#5 Using BONA on your hard-wax oiled floors

NOPE… Do not use Bona on hard-wax oiled floors. You can ONLY use our specified DuChâteau Floor Cleaner & Protectant. Our cleaner is tested and proven for our floors. Using anything else risks damaging the flooring. Many other products, like BONA, are made for polyurethane floors, not hard-wax oiled floors. These products actually contain drying agents that will damage a waxed floor, which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

Remember, this is not a comprehensive list of everything that can void your warranty, however, it provides a quick reference of actions that are often overlooked. For a complete list, please check out our warranty guide:

Feel free to contact the Wood Doctor himself for any further assistance!

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