The Blue Hue | Inspired By Z Gallerie & Vinyl DeLuxe Greystone

Choosing a pop of color for a room can be challenging, that is why it is necessary to understand the meaning of colors and how we naturally react to them. For this home inspiration, we chose a blue hue that is strong yet works well with this platinum toned dining room and Greystone flooring from our Vinyl DeLuxe Collection. The tufted dining chair and accessories have positive affects on the mind and body. Blue invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and radiate feelings of tranquility.

Just imagine the candles lit, chandelier dimmed low and you sitting at the helm of the dining table enjoying dinner with friends. After all, the color blue represents importance, confidence and even intelligence making you the ultimate host of the evening.

We know that dinner parties can get messy, that is why we chose a luxury hardwood alternative that is low-maintenance, durable and easy to clean! Learn more about our Vinyl DeLuxe Collection here: Click Here


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