Shopping for Hardwood Floors: Tips from The Wood Doctor



TIP 1: Choose your floors based off of your lifestyle

When shopping for hardwood floors, you need to keep your lifestyle in mind. If you have a busy household full of family and pets, a rustic floor that gains character overtime and grows with your family would be an excellent choice. If you live alone or have very little foot traffic throughout your home, you can take a leap with gorgeous white hardwood floors that you’ve had your heart set on.

TIP 2: Pay attention to the type of wood being used

The strength of wood is one of the most important factors when purchasing hardwood floors for your home. One of the toughest and strongest woods is Oak, where as American Walnut tends to be a softer species that can dent more easily. However, the integrity of the product comes down to quality of the design. I have been in the wood business for a long time and learned that the more big-name-store cost effective floors may come with a small price tag, but come with poor design quality. Essentially, you get what you pay for.

TIP 3: Know what you’re looking for before you step into the store

Understanding the difference between brands is important. When you walk into a retail space that sells flooring, you will be bombarded with a variety of manufacturers and numerous product types. We would suggest doing research online to have an idea of what brand, design and price-point you desire before you start the shopping process.

TIP 4: Touch and feel the samples

DuChâteau floors have different textures to choose from. You can have a smooth, wire-brushed finish that will give you distinctive looks. The touch and feel of your floor is important! If you care for your floor correctly, it could last for 100 years.

TIP 4: Bring in fabric swatches and colors from your home to find the perfect match

Your floor is the base that brings together all other aspects of your home to form a cohesive look. It would be in your best interest to bring in color swatches from other parts of your home to choose the best floor for your style. For example, bring the colors of your countertops, cabinets, carpet and any other surface you can think of. This will help ensure that everything in your home complements one another.

TIP 6: Installation Factor

Purchasing a high-quality floor like DuChâteau is an investment, which is why we highly recommend hiring a professional to install your new hardwood floors. You only get one chance to install your floors correctly! It’s important to not mess up the installation process and damage the floors, or even worse, void the warranty.

TIP 7: Give yourself a safety net

With any flooring that you purchase you should take into account a 5% waste factor. Meaning that you should purchase approximately 5% more than what you need as a safety precaution. Accidents happen, so you may have to replace a board or two.

Keep in mind that your hardwood floor is an investment for life. If the floor is properly taken care of, it will be there forever. You’ve put all this time into finding the perfect floor, so don’t forget to live on it and enjoy it!

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