Seven Creative Ways to Use Hardwood Flooring

Shelving & Flooring

Hardwood flooring can be used for more than beneath your feet. We’ll show you how the Hatch Design Group in Costa Mesa, California found several stunning ways to incorporate DuChateau® Floors into the interior of the new Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa located in San Diego, California.

  1. Reception Counter: The reception desk in the lobby is constructed out of DuChateau’s® Nile flooring from the Terra Collection™ – a collection that features dark, textured wood suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. The Nile is made from European Ash and incorporates several specialty treatments to create its unique texture and color: thermo-treatment, white lime, natural oil, and wire brushing.
  2. End Tables: The end tables in the lobby’s lounge area showcase the same wood surface as the reception counter.
  3. Soffits: The Terra Nile wood floor is incorporated into the ceiling details creating striking contrast.
  4. Booth Seating: The lobby theme is extended into the restaurant where the booth seating is crafted out of the same dark, textured Terra Nile wood.
  5. Shelving: The Terra Nile shelving in the wine room creates a striking pattern along the wall.
  6. Wall Surfaces: In contrast to the dark booth seating and wine shelving, the surfaces of the walls in the restaurant are crafted from DuChateau’s® Danube oak floor from the Riverstone Collection™ – a collection that features hand sculpting and raised knots. The Danube treatment is smoked, carbonized, wire brushed and white washed to create its light smoky color.
  7. Flooring: Let’s not forget the floor. The flooring in the restaurant is Olde Dutch from the Chateau Collection® – a collection that celebrates the wood’s natural character by showcasing its free-forming elements. Natural oil and smoked treatments are combined to create this classic color.


DuChateau® Floors in Carlsbad Hilton – Reception Counter
End Tables & Soffits
DuChateau® Floors in Hilton Carlsbad – End Tables & Soffits
Wall Surfaces, Booths, Floor
DuChateau® Floors in Hilton Carlsbad – Wall Surface, Booths, Floor
Walls Surfaces, Floors, Reception
DuChateau® Floors in Hilton Carlsbad – Wall Surface, Floor, Reception Counter

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