Neutral Living | Inspired By Scandinavian Designs & Chevron

There is nothing boring about this neutral living room! For this home inspiration, we curated products from Scandinavian Designs that pair perfectly with Chevron hardwood flooring from The New Classics Collection. Our favorite pieces from this room is the tufted chaise sectional, upholstered in a lovely taupe and finished with dark tapered legs to elevate the look. The Cress coffee table boasts an organically shaped tabletop supported by elegantly angled legs that complement the Chevron pattern hardwood flooring.

If you’re seeking a look that is timeless, consider sticking to neutral colors and staple home decor and furnishings like we have done with this room.



DuChâteau Featured Floor: Chevron | New Classics Collection

Featured Products from Scandinavian Designs: 1) Camilla Chaise Sectional 2) Kovin Throw Pillow & Melko Throw 3) Cress Coffee Table 4) Borjar 16” Clock 5) Sasa Large Cement Apple 6) Melko Ottoman/Pouf 7) Giesen Leather Chair