Hardwood Flooring Methods: What do They Mean?

At DuChateau®, one of the interior design products we produce is top quality, wide planked hardwood floors. Combining old world craftsmanship with luxurious modern design, DuChateau® hardwood floors’ timeless character complements nearly every atmosphere.

In creating our floors, we use a variety of natural processes, including distressing, hand scraping and hand sculpting, brushing, carbonization, and even smoking to achieve a truly vintage and artistic, long-lasting look.

Our Master Craftsman from Holland, Tom Goddijn, infuses and protects all our hardwood flooring with hard-wax oils, offering excellent durability and renewability while allowing the wood to breathe.

But what do all these hardwood flooring production methods mean, and how do they affect your DuChateau® hardwood floor finish over time? Find out more by clicking the link below!

DuChateau Production Methods