DuChâteau Team-Building Event: Downtown San Diego Scavenger Hunt

Over the past year, DuChâteau has grown tremendously along with our staff. With so many new faces around the office and warehouse, the company decided it needed a way to not only reward its staff for their hard work, but bring together the different departments of the organization. The company wanted to remind everyone just how important every team member is to DuChâteau’s success and that this kind of global success is not by accident, but something that is built together. The hope was that a team-building event would give back to its staff and help foster those lasting bonds that carry over long after a day spent together.

Last week, DuChâteau conducted its first ever Scavenger Hunt, an epic adventure through Downtown San Diego with all of its Southern California employees. We had 10 teams flood the streets of the Gaslamp District flagging down police officers to be arrested, riding a mechanical bull, finding a dog on a skateboard and even cutting a red lock of hair from a stranger. As wild a time as it was, each team came to find trust in each other and success was as much defined by the reward at the end as the process along the way. After the two-hour Scavenger Hunt, we headed to a local restaurant, gingers, where we enjoyed some savory bites of food and a few of the best cocktails Downtown can create. And when the points were tallied up, it was a dance competition that defined the winner… though some would argue we all won that day. Needless to say, the DuChâteau Scavenger Hunt 2016 was a brilliant event for all and by the looks of these photos, everyone certainly had a blast!