Fast But Not So Furious: DuChateau Team Building Event

If there’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s that we all like to have fun and release stress. That’s just what happened the last week of April at DuChateau. As our business continues to grow and our employees are spread out in different locations and jobs, one of our most important goals is to ensure everyone is familiar with all parts of the operation and with each other. DuChateau’s April Team Building event was held at the Miramar Speed Circuit, a 1/4 mile indoor go-kart track. California employees and sales reps attended the event, along with our design partners.

Everyone was paired up in seven teams, with practice and timed laps, in a good-natured competition: We knew DuChateau had talented, fast-working people, but didn’t know how fast all of us really could be!

After laps, everyone met at DuChateau’s new manufacturing and office facility in Mira Mesa for food and drink. Several trophies and prizes were awarded at the evening’s end, and much fun–and many peace signs–were had!