8 Reasons to Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile in 2018

8 Reasons to Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile in 2018

New luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring opens a new era for interior design possibilities, performance, and sustainability. What has been a favorite of commercial designers is now being recognized by residential designers and homeowners for LVT’s design versatility, resilient comfort, ease of upkeep, durability, suitability for high-moisture areas, and ease of installation. Here are eight reasons to choose luxury vinyl tile for your 2018 residential project.

1. Design versatility with a conscience

Designers appreciate versatile materials. They have also long understood that living and workspaces influence well-being, and natural elements are key. Wood and stone complemented with modern shapes and sleek surfaces are especially popular among millennials, who now gravitate to biophilic-inspired designs. Yet millennials do not want luxury at the expense of sustainability.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) provides the perfect design solution. LVT is the chameleon of flooring, emulating the unique textures and warm colors of nature. Homeowners are discovering LVT’s endless possibilities of layout design and patterns. In large expanses, it provides easier transition options when mixing one flooring material with another. Plus, the variety of colors and textures supports any mix for an expansive installation. For smaller areas, LVT allows you to maintain a consistent flow into a kitchen or entrance, which makes a space feel larger.

2. Comfort

Beyond its enduring beauty, LVT creates more comfortable spaces. When your bare feet land on luxury vinyl tile instead of cold, hard tile or stone, you’ll experience a cozy resilience. Standing long periods in a kitchen with porcelain or ceramic tile can be exhausting. LVT, on the other hand, can be installed over a cushy underlayment to provide extra comfort in areas where you must spend long periods standing. And in kitchens, LVT has the added advantage of being capable of handling water, is stain resistant, and won’t shatter a dropped glass the way a hard surface like ceramic tile will.

You can add warmth to your LVT by installing radiant flooring, which adds to LVT’s sustainability advantages. Radiant heat underneath an LVT floor can be enhanced with the use of a self-leveling underlayment, which you’ll want to use anyway if your subfloor is not perfectly level and smooth. That underlayment will not only make your radiant heating more efficient, but it will also add that much more forgiveness to your overall floor. Plus, your floor will become that much more water and mold resistant.

Not only will your floor’s touch be more giving, but your home’s acoustics will be vastly improved by installing LVT. Especially if you install your LVT flooring over an underlayment, your floor’s more resilient features will help buffer clacking shoes and nullify room noises, adding to a calmer home environment.

3. Ease of upkeep

Your life is too full and busy to keep up with fussy floors. You need a floor that is resistant to bacteria and mold, a floor that won’t stain any time the slightest thing is spilled, and a floor can be cleaned up with a quick damp cloth or mop. An LVT floor will stay beautiful with a broom, vacuum, and/or mop for decades. No resurfacing. No re-sanding and refinishing.

4. Durability

Floors should be more than visually stunning. Floors should be practical so they can take the traffic of life: kids forgetting to remove their baseball shoes, the muddy dog bounding in, a spilled glass of wine late when everyone is in bed. The Atelier Series Luxury Performance Vinyl, for example, boasts an anti-microbial ceramic-reinforced polyurethane ultra-resistant coating, so all that stunning beauty will endure. And the Sovereign Edition carries a trusted 30-year residential and 15-year commercial warranty.

One key to the Sovereign Edition’s durability is its focus on the wear layer, which incorporates UV protection and a 0.7 mm wear layer that stands up to scuffs, stains, and scratches. With an anti-microbial ceramic-reinforced polyurethane ultra-resistant coating, the wear layer guards against exposure to heat, light, chemicals, and fungus. The wear layer will keep its gorgeous finish for years to come.

5. Perfect for wet areas and tropical homes

One of most useful features of LVT flooring is its built-in water resistance. Resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture, LVT is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any indoor areas where moisture is a concern. If you use LVT in a bathroom, make sure you adequately caulk around tubs, toilets, and walls to prevent water from escaping into the subflooring.

LVT is a perfect solution for tropical or beach homes where moisture and mold are constant foes. And with the gorgeous realistic-looking wood grains embedded into each tile and plank, LVT ensures those areas will be exquisite as well as functional and mold-free.

6. Easy installation

While LVT flooring brands vary in terms of installation (peel-off glue backing, glue, interlocking planks), all are far easier than wood or ceramic tile. LVT typically takes half the time to install compared to a comparable ceramic tile installation. DuChâteau’s Atelier Series® Luxury Performance Vinyl plank flooring utilizes a glue-down installation option. The DuChâteau® Vinyl DeLuxe® Grand Collection is a luxury engineered floating floor, installed with click construction and attached on HushWalk underlayment.

7. Sustainability

Vinyl is surprisingly sustainable and follows the ethic of reduce-reuse-recycle. Although vinyl is by no means a natural material, LVT’s durability makes it a product with longevity as long as 25 years or more. That means the need for raw materials, energy, capital goods, etc. necessary to produce more periodic replacements are reduced.

Likewise, although vinyl is not biodegradable, it is 100% recyclable. In fact, more than one billion pounds of vinyl products are recycled annually. When vinyl resilient flooring is manufactured, “99% of scrap (pre-consumer) material is recycled for use in finished vinyl products.”

LVT is also one of many products that helps building projects earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points for Green building standards in commercial applications.

8. DuChâteau’s Atelier Series® Luxury Performance Vinyl Plank Flooring

The best reason to purchase LVT is to see truly luxury vinyl tile in person. For an exquisite luxury vinyl tile, see DuChâteau’s newly released Atelier Series® Luxury Performance Vinyl plank flooring. The Sovereign Edition offers a glue-down option, each color a rich, one-of-a-kind look and feel that captures the textures and grains of the hardwoods they replicate. With a generous 3 mm thickness and a 0.7 mm wear layer, The Atelier Series offers two sizes of planks at 7 inches by 48 inches and 9.25 inches by 59.25 inches.

All vinyl products under The Atelier Series contribute to LEED® credits, exceed the U.S. Toy and Safety Standard (ASTM F963), and are FloorScore® – Low-VOC certified to ensure that time spent on an Atelier floor is always safe for everyone.

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