Lacey Act Compliant

The Lacey Act (16 U.S.C. §§ 3371-3378) legislation requires all importers to declare the species and country of origin of any wood product. The Lacey Act makes it unlawful to import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, or purchase in interstate or foreign commerce any wood that comes from illegally logged trees. The Lacey Act is intended to protect forests worldwide from deforestation and prevent illegitimate wood products from entering the United States.

The Lacey Act, originally signed into law in 1900, is a conservation law that focuses on the illegal commercial transportation of wildlife and non-native species.  In May 2008 a new bill (Section 8204) extended provisions to the Lacey Act to address the global illegal logging trade.

The Lacey Acts creates a fair playing field for wood manufactures that follow the high level of standards imposed and eradicates illegally logged wood that is often the cause of wood flooring sold below market price.

In an effort to control and eliminate illegally logged trees, DuChâteau Floors supports and abides by the Lacey Act to ensure its customers the best quality wood flooring with environmentally friendly measures.  All DuChâteau Floors are Lacey Act compliant.

TSCA Title VI Compliant

Certain products that DUCHATEAU offers are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency for formaldehyde emission levels.  All regulated DUCHATEAU Hardwood floors are in compliance with TSCA Title VI.

LEED® Qualifiers

DuChâteau Floors qualifies for LEED® credits. This rating system has become the top choice for all architects, builders, and interior designers who construct using green building practices. DuChâteau Floors also has LEED® AP staff to help with any LEED® consulting.

  • EQ 4.4 - Low Emitting Materials – Composite Wood and Laminate Adhesives