Atelier Master Craftsman & Flooring Designer


At the heart of DuChâteau® hardwood flooring styles lies Master Craftsman Anthonius (Tom) Goddijn, who relocated from Holland to the United States to spearhead the company’s new international manufacturing headquarters. Tom has been working in the wood flooring industry in Europe since 1990, creating and installing floors. His many works include the Dutch Queen’s Residence, the Tweede Kamer (Dutch Parliament), Michael van Praag’s house (a CEO of Amsterdam’s football team), and numerous restaurants and hotels from Amsterdam’s “Restaurant Red” to the Van der Valk Hotels of Holland. Tom also designs and manufactures DuChâteau’s most luxurious wood floor, The Atelier Series, and continues to develop new styles to keep innovation foremost for DuChâteau® Floors.

Tom experiments with traditional processing methods that challenge and manipulate the structure inside the wood unlike modern methods that use stains and colored lacquers to achieve a certain look. This allows him to get a natural reaction within the wood that highlights the beauty and variation of its grain. As a believer in the hard-wax oil movement in hardwood flooring, Tom has been instrumental in introducing oiled floors to the United States market through DuChâteau, making it one of the first manufacturers to make these floors accessible outside of Europe. The natural look and durability of a DuChâteau floor remains unsurpassed as a result thanks to Tom’s ingenuity and hard work.

The Advantage of a Fine European Finish

“In Europe, every floor installed in public spaces, such as city halls and museums, are natural oiled and well-maintained floors that were installed thirty to fifty years ago; a well maintained oiled floor looks better and better with time. Hard-wax oiled floor surfaces become water repellent and stain-resistant, and the wax integrates with the wood, allowing it to breathe.”