Wall Coverings and Doors Designer

DuChâteau presents an exclusive line of wall coverings and doors by architect, builder and entrepreneur Joe Langenauer. Joe has been creating artistic interior wall coverings and doors since DuChâteau’s inception. His architectural career, however, began much earlier with a very successful architectural firm he co-founded in Mexico City in 1994. Established as a design-build firm, his company went on to win many contracts for highly prestigious industrial developments, nightclubs, corporate offices, restaurants and exclusive residential homes. In 2001, an opportunity to manage a high-end spec home fund brought him to the United States. During these first few years, Joe continued to build projects throughout upscale neighborhoods, pooling together innovative designs with craftsmen from Mexico City. It was then that Joe decided the U.S. market was in need of luxurious and contemporary doors, and in 2007, Joe’s new venture was born. Several years later in 2013, he began to create dimensional wall coverings with the same creative passion. It wasn’t long after that DuChâteau approached Joe, seeing the obvious kinship in modern thinking and fashion-forward aesthetics. The partnership was inevitable. With DuChâteau’s innovative finishing techniques and Joe’s upscale experience & distinctive geometric style, the new DuChâteau Wall Coverings and Doors Divisions were launched.

Pushing the boundaries of geometric design, unique high end materials, sophisticated industrial technology, and a precious labor force, his sophisticated lines of wall coverings and doors offer a beautiful array of styles, grain patterns, finishes, textures and material inlays. Each and every product designed by Joe is infused with his cosmopolitan Mexican roots and heavily influenced by modern European trends. True to nature, these wall coverings show variations in color, stain, wood grain and character. His door designs are all created within the precepts of modern design, contemporary architectural lines, combining woods, leathers, fabrics, metals and other materials usually found in European luxury sports cars. Needless to say, his dimensional wall covering and door designs are the epitome of pure luxury.


The Art of Geometry

“Coming from an architectural background, you learn to understand and appreciate the power of a proud line or the delicate nature of a well-planned curve. You see the world in shapes and want nothing more than to take part in the creation of that world as art for all to enjoy.”