Luxury Ingrained.

With a truly unique work of art in every board, The Atelier Series represents the ultimate in the depth and beauty that can be achieved with modern hands. Each Edition offers a breathtaking window into nature and the world around us. Captivating surface treatments and bold, intricate colors redefine what is considered possible for a living, breathing, luxury design environment.


The Delineation of True Craftsmanship

Exclusively designed by DuChâteau, The Atelier Series is a one-of-a-kind engineered hardwood flooring that seamlessly meshes the Old and New world aesthetics in its fine texturing and patina.
The exquisite emphasis placed on the elegance of the grain brings Atelier to the forefront of design sensibilities with each board taking on its own individual and highly treasured character. Hand-finished with pride, Atelier is the elevation of the craft and design.



Aged Character & Select

Exclusive Treatments

European Oak

Harvested from across Europe, European Oak is known for its extreme durability, as well as its characteristic grain, which is particularly adept at taking various treatment processes.


Atelier floors are quality engineered hardwood flooring with an optional 4 to 6 millimeter wear layer. Custom plank sizes and patterns available.

Hard-Wax Oil

In keeping with the long-standing European tradition, all Atelier floors are finished by hand with an all natural, non-toxic hard-wax oil for a lasting protection and unparalleled elegance.


All Atelier floors come in a variety of available mouldings, including threshold, reducer, stairnose and T-mold.